Dr. Boris Terebuh

Translating Pain’s Message
Specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Patients look forward to a visit with Dr. Boris Terebuh. As a practitioner of musculoskeletal medicine, he alleviates pain. Dr. Terebuh has been re-envisioning his profession’s current solution of pain management. He realized that focusing on the symptom of pain and offering medication as the only solution was short sighted. He has dedicated the past twelve years of his career to teaching patients how to manage their pain independent of medication.

Our society has a pain problem. We have become hypersensitive to it and are terrified of it. Pain is a universal language, but it doesn’t speak English. We do our best to guess how to treat the symptom, but sometimes that does not fix the issue that causes the pain. With opioid use out of control, alternatives methods are being developed to treating pain without medication. As a specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management, Dr. Boris Terebuh has learned to translate the pain message. He shares pain’s message with his patients and is excited to share what Regenerative Medicine has to offer right now and in the future.

Dev Pathik

The Power of Self-Coaching

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Founding Partner in Bo Jackson’s Sports Leadership Centers

Dev Pathik listens to the voice in his head, his inner coach. This voice pushes him to go further, dig deeper, try harder. It is a voice that we all can employ to overcome great adversity or to resist temptation. Everyone has this inner voice. Dev believes that when we teach others how to be more proactive coaches to themselves, the outcomes are extraordinary.

Dev Pathik believes that the single most important skill you will ever develop is the power of self-coaching. Dev will discuss how utilizing different styles of self-coaching can transforming personal outcomes and influence the way we educate, lead, and develop people. He will discuss the power of personal promises, self-coaching, and the concept of pursuing your very best self.

Ross Youngs

Microbiome Mining for New Cures

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CEO of Biosortia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ross Youngs is a serial entrepreneur and inventor who founded his first company in 1988 and went on to land on the INC 500 list of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies for 5 times. He was named the Nation’s Business Person of the Year in 1998 and holds over 75 patents. Ross has extensive involvement in materials, processes, and products that range from the plastic industry to green energy and now pharmaceutical discovery.

His current focus is drug discovery from the microbiome. The microbiome of interest is the aquatic microbiome which includes all types of microorganisms. The overlap to the human gut microbiome is at least 73%.

Jimmie Bell

Invincible Currency; Better Than a Trophy

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Speaker and Former OSU and NFL Football Player

Inspiring, educating, and empowering others to Launch Your Legacy with the same blend of optimism, humor, and resolute determination that propelled him through his football career, Jimmie Bell utilizes his life experiences and setbacks- both on and off the gridiron – to inspire and encourage his audiences to “Launch Your Legacy!” Jimmie learned early in life the importance of hard work, commitment, and determination. Jimmie rose to national prominence in high school as one of the country’s top high school defensive linemen, and then continued his athletic career at Ohio State University. While at Ohio State, he not only earned 2 Big-Ten Championships, but also was an integral part of the defensive squad at the Ohio State University Rose Bowl Championship Team of 1997. After an injury forced Jimmie to end his professional career in the NFL, Jimmie knew his full potential had yet to be reached. Jimmie understood what he was being called to do, to inspire, educate, and empower others to succeed. Now as dynamic in front of a group as he was on the field, Jimmie shares his personal and professional experiences with groups around the country. Jimmie’s motivating style pushes his audiences to identify their personal or professional goals. Demonstrating how focusing on your legacy can only begin with personal development.

Amit & Ami Majmudar

Spark in Motion
Nuclear Radiologist and first Poet Laureate of Ohio (Amit) and Dancer (Ami)

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Amit Majmudar gets paid to look for patterns. In his day job as a nuclear radiologist, Amit scans X-rays, CT-rays, CT scans, and Pet scans looking for the pattern of normal anatomy. At home, Amit uses his love for patterns in writing his poetry, creating patterns in language. He says language has both a mathematical and musical aspect to it that quickens it into poetry. Similar to her husband, Ami Majmudar finds patterns in everyday life, though she experiences them through rhythm and motion. With three decades of experience as a classically trained Bharata natyam dancer, Ami uses dance and the motion of her body to express emotion and stories.

Inspired by the program’s theme of Spark, Amit & Ami Majmudar bring their gifts of spoken word and dance to the TEDxHilliard stage. Their choreographed performance of words, rhyme, rhythm, and Bharata natyam, an Indian Classical Dance, celebrate the feeling of a spark, internal fires, and the small beginnings of world-changing things. This powerful performance interprets the feeling of the soul when it is set on fire.

Dr. Coyte Cooper

Perspective Sparks Potential
Bestselling Author and CEO of Make Your Mark Enterprises

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When Dr. Coyte Cooper didn’t get what he wanted, he walked away. He didn’t give up, but realized it was time to try something new. What he first thought of as a failure, was actually a wake up call that drastically altered his life plans. Dr. Cooper is now a full-time entrepreneur who spends his time helping people live to their highest potential. He has devoled himself to creating content that helps spark people to go out and create lives they absolutely love.

Every person on the planet faces failure at some point in their life. Adversity is inevitable. Most people tend to see failure as a negative thing that fills them with shame. But failure is not negative, but rather a positive experience. Dr. Cooper encourages people to actively seek out the lesson in the adversity that they experience. Once we learn to shift our perspective, what we once thought of as a negative situation is actually a gift that propels life to an extraordinary level.