Zahra Khuhro

Control + Alt Delete Bullying

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Student and winner of the 2017 Optimist Oratorical contest

Zahra is a freshman at Hilliard Darby High school.  She is extremely active in school as well as an honors student and ranked #1 in her class. She is passionate about public speaking and has participated in both Hilliard Optimist Oratorical Contests and Rotary Contests.

Zahra Khuhro is on a mission to delete digital bullying. She describes cyberbullying as a virus that has infected over 50% of adolescents and teens. As freshman at Hilliard Darby High school, more than half of her classmates have experienced bullying on a daily basis through email, text messages, and social media. Zahra’s talk focuses on spreading awareness and sharing ways to stand up and end bullying.

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