Rosemarie Rossetti | 2018

Rosemarie Rossetti
Rosemarie Rossetti – Pathways To Change, Persevere, and Be Resilient!

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President of Rossetti Enterprises
Persistent, Loyal, Trustworthy

Paths can end for no reason at all, a permanent change that was never thought possible. Rosemarie Rossetti has faced such a moment and found hope and meaning in the situation. She shares the five key lessons she learned following a spinal cord injury and provides hope to others by demonstrating how to be resilient, cope with change, and deal with adversity.

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D. is a full time professional speaker, consultant, and author, internationally known for her motivational programs. She is the President of Rossetti Enterprises Inc. Rossetti has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people who were in her audiences over the 19 years that she has been sharing her story about acquiring a spinal cord injury. Her message is focused on living life with conviction. She shares the five key lessons that she lives by that she learned following her injury. She provides hope to others by demonstrating how to be resilient, cope with change, and deal with adversity.

She is the author of:
“Universal Design Toolkit: Time-saving ideas, resources, solutions, and guidance for making homes accessible”, “Take Back Your Life! Regaining Your Footing After Life Throws You a Curve” and “The Healthy Indoor Plant”.

She is also known for the national demonstration home and garden that she and her husband, Mark Leder, designed, built, and live in, the Universal Design Living Laboratory. It is the highest rated universal design home in North America, earning three national certifications. This home in Columbus also received a Silver LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and a Gold certification on the National Green Building Standard.

Matt Stephens-Rich | 2018

Matt Stephens-Rich

Matt Stephens-Rich – Decarbonizing the Transportation Highway

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Electric Vehicle Specialist
Passionate, Excited, Sharing

Hilliard is the leading the charge in the Columbus region in tackling greenhouse gas emissions. Our town has the highest rate of electric vehicle adoption, which is decreasing oil dependency. Electric Vehicle Specialist Matt Stephens-Rich explains what this means for Hilliard, the Columbus region and the reduction of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Matt started his career in energy policy and alternative fuels at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs in 2012, where he earned an MPA in Energy Policy. While in school, Matt worked at Clean Fuels Ohio, a statewide non-profit focused on petroleum reduction through alternative fuels in transportation. Upon graduation, he stayed on with Clean Fuels Ohio as Projects Manager, working to secure $25+ million in grant funding and deploy hundreds of alternative fuel fleet vehicles. He was honored to be named a Person to Know in Energy by Columbus Business First during this work. He now provides insight and analysis for how consumers and businesses can best adopt EVs in the region.

Zahra Khuhro

Control + Alt Delete Bullying

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Student and winner of the 2017 Optimist Oratorical contest

Zahra is a freshman at Hilliard Darby High school.  She is extremely active in school as well as an honors student and ranked #1 in her class. She is passionate about public speaking and has participated in both Hilliard Optimist Oratorical Contests and Rotary Contests.

Zahra Khuhro is on a mission to delete digital bullying. She describes cyberbullying as a virus that has infected over 50% of adolescents and teens. As freshman at Hilliard Darby High school, more than half of her classmates have experienced bullying on a daily basis through email, text messages, and social media. Zahra’s talk focuses on spreading awareness and sharing ways to stand up and end bullying.

Frankie Soleil

Strumming the Soul

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Frankie Soleil is not the typical about to be junior year student at Hilliard Bradley High School. While her friends spend their Friday nights at the movies, she can be found singing on stage at local coffee shops. Music is her passion and has been her way to connect to the world around her.

With her ukulele in hand, Frankie Soleil expresses how music has been her outlet and coping mechanism through the challenging times in her life. Frankie will perform her songs “Anxiety” and “Skins” that she wrote when she felt helpless, alone, and as if the world was against her. The songs represent Frankie as a person and are the vehicle she uses to share the positive message of how beauty can come out of a place of pain.

Jim Smalley

Speed of Life

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Teacher and Coach

Jim Smalley is a recipient of HCSD’s Educator of Excellence award. He is a passionate basketball coach for THE Hilliard Darby Panthers and serves in the role of an elementary technology teacher. A graduate of Heidelberg University, Jim lives in Hilliard, OH with his beautiful wife Danah and handsome dog Max.

A single moment can forever change how we view our world. The moment we hearing a loved one’s laughter, we smile. The moment we decide to give ourselves permission to let our imagination run wild, we create a spark, which can ignite a fire. In our overscheduled world, it is easy for a whole day to pass where we miss our moments. To help him focus on life’s details, Jim Smalley has embarked on a year-long journey to document a moment from each day in his life. He invites you to view a year of his life as he shares the impact this project has had on his life.

Kim Emch

Challenging Children to Dream:
Overcoming Poverty through Entrepreneurship

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Founder and Executive Director of SON Ministries

Kim Emch likes a free lunch. Not for herself, but for the 3,000+ children in her suburban town of Hilliard who are living in poverty. In 2007 Kim founded the Hilliard Free Summer Lunch Program to silence the rumbling tummies in her community. As this program grew to a year-round ministry partnering with children and families facing poverty in a suburban setting, she founded Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries in March of 2009 to help families move out of poverty.

Anyone can cause positive change in the world and inspiration can come from anywhere. Kim Emch had never planned on combatting suburban poverty. The day she learned that there were children living in poverty in her community she knew she had to help. Kim didn’t know anything about starting a free summer lunch camp and she doubted she was qualified to do so. But her spark of inspiration was so powerful that it overcame all her fears and doubts and she jumped in and did it. Kim shares humorous stories and experiences about from her 10 year journey. What started as a program to feed hungry children in Hilliard has grown to offering programs that help children and families climb out of poverty.

Brian Wagner

Defining Your Blind Spot

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CEO of A Radical Vision

Brian Wagner looks at life differently than most people. He has a gift for helping others identify their personal blindspots and overcome their self-limiting beliefs. His talent developed out of his childhood diagnosis of a severe genetic disorder that would eventually impair his vision, but not his outlook on life. Brian inspires and motivates others to embrace their personal blindness, whether it be physical or mental, through a process he called A Radical Vision.

You may have wondered why you’ve been passed up for a promotion. Maybe your spouse has left you unexpectedly. Maybe you didn’t get the job offer that you felt was yours. There are certain times in everyone’s life where we question why certain things are happening. “How could they do that to me?”, you might have said. This is a victim mindset. There is always two sides to every story. More than likely, these issues could have been seen far in advance and possibly corrected. They seem to have come out of nowhere because they were in your blindspot.

There’s a reason why automobile regulations are demanding blind spot detection. This is a hot topic with the automotive industry, regulatory commissions, financial industry, as well as almost any part of daily life. This is the kind of blindness that has impact for every day issues. Once you’ve concluded that you are blind and identified your blind spots you’ll be ready to learn how to see through your blindspots.

Embracing your blindness will become a movement that you want to share with others. This will allow free flowing communication for you, your love ones, your work associates and others.

Threat Level Midnight

Principal Alice Cooper & Professor Van Halen
Winner of the 2017 Groove U InstaBand Battle of the Bands


Threat Level Midnight is a 6-piece alternative rock band from Hilliard, Ohio. These six students were brought together through a class at the Hilliard’s McVey Innovative Learning Center, where their curriculum was to become a band. They bring real life experiences and their unique instrumentation to their original music.

Sharon Esswein

Empowerment: It’s an Inside Out Process
Teacher and Jennings Scholar

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Sharon Esswein is a firestarter.  As an educator for the past 39 years, she has learned to identify the internal passion that burns within us all and cultivate it into a flame. Sharon is dedicated to sharing her skill to help others ignite sparks of passion. She lives in Hilliard, Ohio with her husband Larry where she is inspired daily by her family.

How do we ignite that spark that lies waiting inside of us? How do we help others ignite that spark within themselves and into a flame that burns brightly? We all have unique gifts that only we can give and a purpose for being in this world. Educator Sharon Esswein teaches the skills that help us ignite that spark within ourselves and to identify that spark of aliveness in others. She helps people who have come alive and live more fulfilling lives. Sharon transforms spectators into “balcony people” and cheerleaders who guide through encouragement.

Dr. Boris Terebuh

Translating Pain’s Message
Specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management

Patients look forward to a visit with Dr. Boris Terebuh. As a practitioner of musculoskeletal medicine, he alleviates pain. Dr. Terebuh has been re-envisioning his profession’s current solution of pain management. He realized that focusing on the symptom of pain and offering medication as the only solution was short sighted. He has dedicated the past twelve years of his career to teaching patients how to manage their pain independent of medication.

Our society has a pain problem. We have become hypersensitive to it and are terrified of it. Pain is a universal language, but it doesn’t speak English. We do our best to guess how to treat the symptom, but sometimes that does not fix the issue that causes the pain. With opioid use out of control, alternatives methods are being developed to treating pain without medication. As a specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pain Management, Dr. Boris Terebuh has learned to translate the pain message. He shares pain’s message with his patients and is excited to share what Regenerative Medicine has to offer right now and in the future.